I am interested in the project but I have some general doubts


Demo: Check Ingram Reseller Storefront Demo

How does the store work in general?

Ecommerce fully connected to INGRAM’s Dropshipping model. The price and availability of the products are handled by INGRAM as well. When a customer places an order, INGRAM dispatches the product to your customer. All products on the storefront are from INGRAM’s online catalog. Product quantity is limited depending on the country:

Colombia: Up to 300 products

Mexico: Up to 2000 products

Peru: Up to 300 products

Does this includes product images?

Yes, it includes up to 80% of images the total of products in your site.

Can I make my own design or change the look and feel of the site?

Yes, as long as it is within the same ecommerce platform and resellers take full responsibility of the maintenance and responsive of the site.

What payment methods does the project include for checking out?

There are 2 available payment methods:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Credit/Debit Card

How long does this project last?

The development of the project consists of 4 weeks, after this period of time, the accesses of the storefront are given to resellers.

Once the reseller has access to the ecommerce, the production mode lasts for 12 months with support from INGRAM and Blue Diamond Innovation.

What responsibilities does a reseller have?

Resellers have full responsibility of promoting/maintaining their site, including and not limited to:
– Marketing Campaigns
– Public Relations outreach
– Ecommerce Management (Orders, clients, etc)
– Service Help Desk

What happens if by the end of the month #12 I do not achieve the goals for the project?

The project lasts only for 12 months regarding of the numbers achieved in the project.

How do I select the products I want to be display in my site?

Blue Diamond will assist you to choose the products for your project, once you selected them, you can not reselect new products by any means.