Location based app solutions

The trend of location-based services app has already been well-established in the mobile app market. Geolocation feature in mobile apps have opened new doors for new location based startup ideas and also established businesses which weren’t possible without this technology.

But do you know the best part?

The best part is that people are going nuts about location based mobile apps nowadays.

The most burning question of today is not Facebook’s “What’s on your mind”, or Twitter’s “What’s happening”, but the most burning question of today is – “Where are you?”

To answer this question, people need a GPS based smartphone with a geolocation app in it.

Geolocation is the trend that is escalating through almost all social media channels. People from all over the world are widely using geolocation apps for updating their present position on social media and for many other purposes.

Not only that, but the stunning success of mobile apps like Instagram, Uber, and even Pokemon Go is enough to convince us to integrate geolocation features in mobile apps.

However, if you’re still not sure whether to integrate this feature or not, just take a look at this: