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Online shoppers go to Amazon to do one thing: buy. Amazon is the king of online markets. It has built-in trust, its member’s payment information is already saved and Prime members receive two-day shipping on eligible orders. Amazon can’t be beat when it comes to choosing an ecommerce channel to sell on.

Amazon has over 200 million monthly visitors. On Cyber Monday Amazon ships over 20 million items from third-party sellers (independent retailers like you), a 50 percent growth rate year-over-year from the year before. The time to get in on the Amazon is now, and if Amazon’s current trajectory keeps up, the next few years are going to be good years for third-party merchants.

BDI Channel is a cloud-based connector, enabling bi-directional data exchange between physical stores and e-commerce. Integrate your physical store with online channels. Eliminate duplicate data entry, enter product data once and send it to all e-commerce channels. Manage in-store and online products in one place.


Mercado Libre

MercadoLibre Magento Integration is an impressive integration developed by BDI. It helps retailers to synchronize their products inventory, prices, and other product details between your store and the MercadoLibre Web site for product creation and management.

It enables users to upload products in a bulk on MercadoLibre.
Eases the process to map the categories and attributes of your store to MercadoLibre.
It enables you to purchase the order by providing acknowledgment of the order.
Enables you to handle refund and exchange request hassle-free.